Class EglBase

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    EglBase10, EglBase14

    public abstract class EglBase
    extends java.lang.Object
    Holds EGL state and utility methods for handling an egl 1.0 EGLContext, an EGLDisplay, and an EGLSurface.
    • Field Detail

      • lock

        public static final java.lang.Object lock

        public static final int[] CONFIG_PLAIN

        public static final int[] CONFIG_RGBA

        public static final int[] CONFIG_PIXEL_BUFFER

        public static final int[] CONFIG_PIXEL_RGBA_BUFFER

        public static final int[] CONFIG_RECORDABLE
    • Constructor Detail

      • EglBase

        public EglBase()
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static EglBase create()
      • createSurface

        public abstract void createSurface​(android.view.Surface surface)
      • createSurface

        public abstract void createSurface​( surfaceTexture)
      • createDummyPbufferSurface

        public abstract void createDummyPbufferSurface()
      • createPbufferSurface

        public abstract void createPbufferSurface​(int width,
                                                  int height)
      • hasSurface

        public abstract boolean hasSurface()
      • surfaceWidth

        public abstract int surfaceWidth()
      • surfaceHeight

        public abstract int surfaceHeight()
      • releaseSurface

        public abstract void releaseSurface()
      • release

        public abstract void release()
      • makeCurrent

        public abstract void makeCurrent()
      • detachCurrent

        public abstract void detachCurrent()
      • swapBuffers

        public abstract void swapBuffers()